Attorney General Jeff Sessions continued his full-court press against cities that adopt so-called sanctuary policies on Tuesday — even though a federal judge ruled last week that his latest effort to do so is unconstitutional.

Washington Examiner reported:

“These [sanctuary] policies do far greater damage than many understand,” Sessions said during a speech in Portland, Ore. “This state of lawlessness allows gangs to smuggle guns, drugs, and even humans across borders and around cities and communities. That makes a sanctuary city a trafficker, smuggler, or gang member’s best friend.”

Sessions’ speech in Portland — whose city council in March officially declared itself a sanctuary city — was not met warmly.

The attorney general was peppered with expletives from roughly 200 gathered protesters as he arrived at and left the venue of his speech, Portland’s field office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

During his speech Tuesday, Sessions referenced numerous high-profile cases connecting violent crime to sanctuary policies.

The cases were that of 17-year-old Jose Morales, who was killed in what was believed to be a gang-related shooting in July, and 17-year-old Shawn Scott Jr., who was killed in an April robbery.

Sessions also named Sergio Martinez, an illegal immigrant who had been deported 20 times before his last arrest in July for sexual assault.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement had put out an immigration detainer against Martinez, asking Portland authorities to notify them before releasing him. However, authorities did not and released him in December 2016.

“Such policies undermine the moral authority of law and undermine the safety of the jurisdictions that adopt them,” Sessions said Tuesday. “Federal immigration authorities properly lodged a detainer against Martinez just a few months before, asking to be notified when he was set to be released. But authorities in Oregon refused.”


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