Some viewers suggested the reason the popular show was so abruptly canceled was  that Tim Allen leaned conservative in some of his character’s dialogue (I know, heaven forbid there’s anything on TV that isn’t left).

Although ABC has denied those allegations, Allen himself claimed his conservatism was the reason and said so again during the interview:

“I always wanted ‘Last Man Standing’ to be like [“All in the Family’s] Archie Bunker. Archie Bunker pushed boundaries, but Carroll O’Connor was not that guy at all. I am a version of that guy.”


But there is nothing more dangerous, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative character. He is mitigated on the show by a family of women who had a difference of opinions, but he was a likable guy and a principled guy about work and ethics and all this stuff, I think.


Check out the full interview here:


Last Man Standing was an awesome show that so many Americans loved and related to. It’s too bad that it got kicked off the air. Did you watch it? Do you think Tim Allen’s right? SHARE it out, patriots!

(h/t Fox News)