Black people in America seem to be discriminated and left out of the media.

But we are here to encourage them and support them to develop their ideas and to lower the racism.

The story you’re about to read will warm your heart.

The 20-year old Ed Ford Jr. and Tyrell Brown had been best friends since middle school. Both of them had a passion for politics and in high school they served as president and vice president of the student government.

According to our source, Allen B. West, Ford won a seat in the Middletown school board and Brown was elected to the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission.

“I met him playing two hand touch football,” said Ford, referring to Brown. Now, they’re 20-year-old juniors in college, who possibly just made history following Tuesday’s election.  They are believed to be the youngest black Republicans to ever win political office in deep blue Connecticut.”

“Both freely admit some of their friends and family question if they are ready for the rough and tumble Connecticut politics. “If you have the will to do it, if you have the passion to do it, go do it now,” Ford said. They also routinely get the side eye for belonging to the GOP.”

“I definitely love Christmas and Thanksgiving at my house because it always gets interesting,” Brown chuckled. Ford is a psychology major at Central Connecticut State University.  Brown is a business major at Southern Connecticut State University,” WTNH reported.

We are so proud of these young men and they should have the attention from the nation that they deserve, because we often highlight the negative among young black men in America. Instead of Colin Kaepernick’s cover “Citizen of the Year” we hope to see a cover from Ford and Brown. It would be very nice.

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H/T: Allen B. West. source